The Wheel

 Heres a few diagrams to show you how the TEAM40 wheel will work.

This is a concept which is largely different to the run of the mill Matrix pattern which most programers and webmasters will put out there, and although its impossible to have a design which can be fully self-cycling, the Wheel system in its basic form, means that everyone in the team is able to just bring in 3 of their contacts for it to work well.

So someone might be assigned the task of posting ads on traffic exchanges, while the next guy promotes on safelists

Promoting all just comes down to word of mouth and the one website, theres no struggle trying to get your own personal referrals to qualify for payments etc.

Lets start by looking at a wheel:

It has 23 positions around the wheel. Draw this on a peice of paper and count 4 positions around the wheel, and mark each 4th position as you land on them.

As you continue around the wheel 4 positions at a time, you will find that you land on a different position every time until after 5 full rotations you have marked every spot.

The importance of this, is that every position has been equally touched through the 4 position rotation process, and this is what our system is based around. 

And so in the example above, we have a holding tank where we will collect people who will pay into the $25 pool and join the que to enter the wheel. Remember there is no "sponsor" as such, everyone just takes their place behind the next.

The numbers in the holding tank will be limited to promote faster movement, but at the top of the wheel, the orange circle represents where you would enter the "Pay Window" and that spot remains empty until the wheel moves its 4 positions where a new person from the tank will enter the wheel in that spot ready to begin their rotations.

A further 3 movements of 4 positions will see the person in the pay window recieve a total of $100 and re-enter the tank for 25 again.

Also they will enter the next level on a higher value wheel, which may be $40.

The number of wheels turning at once would be unknown, but perhaps to reach a $1000 to $4000 level would be fair to predict.

This would be a fairly rapid moving system, providing that everyone understands the concept of collective promoting, ie bringing in their 3-4 people.

After a certain number are in the holding tank, we simply create another wheel, and allow the numbers to fluctuate between, say 20 and 30 for each tank.

Remember that The Wheel is a completely new concept compared to the matrix, which should bring a lot of interest, especially when you consider that the wheels can turn as fast as it takes to make an Alertpal transaction.

You could enter the tank at $25 and be on a $1000 wheel quite quickly. Lets see here....??

Wheel Values. 

$25 = 1oo return,

$25 + 40=65 re-entry

returns 260. The next value may be $100, so re-entry would be

165 returning $660. Shall we say the next wheel is worth $200?

Re-entry would total $365, with a return of $1460. If the next value wheel is 400,

re-entry is 765, netting you back $3060...and so on to the big values where you would be talking in tens of thousands. And all we do is keep the tank full. 

You can view an animated version HERE.  (Double click on the image to activate it.)




The basic actions the software would have to perform are:

1. To activate the wheel to move 1 position each time a person pays entry to the holding tank.

2.Place a person on the wheel from the holding tank at every 4th movement.

3.Place a person in the pay window at the same 4th position.

4. Notify a person via email when they have been placed on the wheel or in the pay window.

5. Remove and replace the previous person from the pay window.

6. To re-direct overflow to a new wheel, and duplicate the above.


These wheel values are only to give an example, the actual levels will be worked out in time. 

You can view and/or enter the $25.00 wheel already via the Control Panel!!

Click here:    CONTROL PANEL.

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